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I started my career in banking back in 2007 where I spent 11 years climbing the ladder and focusing my energy on achieving 'success'. Life was good.

Then in 2018 my Dad passed away, it triggered a huge change of perspective. I quit my job and travelled around the world for 14 months, I explored the most remote parts of our planet, high up in the great mountains of Tibet and deep into the life filled Amazon rainforest. I learnt a new way to live, I also met people who are treated like nothing more than a piece of rubbish.


For the first time I saw the true impact of our business choices, both on people and our planet. Children crawling into bins to find food behind an international hotel, waste shipped from western countries destroying life on the most remote islands.

This journey changed everything for me.

I realised that creating value for shareholders, group purpose, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do - is often nothing more than empty words for profit and growth, regardless of our impact.


With my backpack on, I began to work with companies that had purpose, people who had incredible ideas and were changing the way of business.

Suddenly, I was able to use the skills I have in a completely new way, working with leaders to help them move much faster than before.

I couldn't turn my back on this, it was time to change to the way of business.

We all have a short time in life, we have to use it purposefully. I started Green Revolt to help people who believe in better business for everything and everyone.

Shay Doran


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